Sequential LED Strips

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Out of all of the headlights we build, it almost seems as if LED strips should be a standard option. With how popular these are, we decided to offer them to DIY'ers and headlight companies alike! These are the same strips we use in all of our builds. Over the past 3 years, we've tested led strips from various manufacturers, only to be left with more to be desired. That is, until we found these!

We've got some pretty high standards when it comes to quality. Our main goal is to bring you the best VALUE possible. Even if that means paying/charging a little extra. Keep in mind, who wants to open headlights back up to have a defective part replaced? We believe in doing it right & doing it once. Enough with the rambling.....just know these things are AWESOME!

  • One of the BRIGHTEST LED strips on the market
  • "Flowing" amber directional (sequential function)
  • Flexible
  • Can be cut to length
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24" in length